Just Results

At Intelligent Data the foundation of our business is customer service.  Our success is measured by the customer’s level of satisfaction.  Every project is handled with a relentless pursuit of providing superior quality customer service, and a commitment to exceed our client’s expectations.
Flexibility and creativity are essential elements not only in the way of the products themselves, but also in managing resources, to maximize the benefits of how to put today’s technology to work for us best.  Recognizing this, we offer unlimited flexibility and creativity in our products and services.  This allows us to grow with our customers and allows our customers to depend on us for all their technology requirements.
Service is the focus of our business simply because it is an essential part of yours.  Intelligent Data offers a selection of service and support programs tailored to meet your needs.  Our qualified experts can design a program that will optimize your business operations.  On-site and depot service contracts are available to support all of the products we sell.  Our maintenance, upgrades, configurations, and installations using only factory-authorized parts and components to ensure the highest level of performance.